The Best Futuristic Backpacks of 2017

As someone who likes to be ahead of the curve in well.. Pretty much everything.. I like to own things that are futuristic, whether in form or functionality. I have been trying for a while to find a futuristic backpack that is both stylish and functional for a while, so I thought I would share my findings as futuristic backpacks can be quite hard to find!

SealLine Urban Backpack


This is a very futuristic looking backpack, I can actually imagine someone on Star Trek carrying one on an away mission. As while as looking extremely cool, it also has some great features such as being fully waterproof (many backpacks are water resistant, but few are waterproof) and it even grows and shrinks depending on how much you are carrying, so if you are like me and one day you are only carrying a few items and on another day you might be carrying enough clothes to last you several days, this backpack is ideal.

It is also very quick and easy to pack and unpack this bag as it has a roll-down enclosure which gives you easy access and prevents larger items from getting stuck.

The Chrome Barrage

This is a backpack that was made originally for bicycle messengers, but it still looks pretty futuristic. Similarly to the SealLine backpack above, the Chrome Barrage has a roll-down enclosure, making it incredibly easy to unpack and pack again and is also expandable from 22 litres to a huge 34 litres simply by adjusting the roll-top. The Chrome Barrage is made extremely well, so well in fact, that that Chrome ship this backpack with a lifetime warranty!

This backpack is available in 5 different colors and unlike most backpacks, it is fully waterproof. While this is an expensive backpack, the build quality is second to none and the lifetime warranty makes it worth far more that it’s price!

Cyclus Pangolin Backpack


If you want a futuristic backpack with very unique look, the Cyclus have got you covered with their Pangolin backpack which was used on X-Men: Days of Future Passed and was the Lapiz de Acero 2010 design award winner. As well as looking very futuristic, this backpack is very comfortable with generous padding on the shoulder straps and the outside layers are retractable using magnets.

While this is a smaller backpack, there are numerous pockets on the inside to keep everything organised and secure.

Ogio No Drag Mach 3 Outdoor Active Backpack


This futuristic looking backpack is mainly designed with motorcyclists in mind, but it with it’s hard-shell exterior and unique design, it is still a very cool backpack and great if you want extra protection for your stuff. It is made to be aerodynamic and water resistant and can easily hold a laptop.

Finding backpacks that look futuristic can be challenging, you would think that by now manufacturers would be creating more futuristic backpacks but there don’t seem to be many out there! If you know of any other futuristic backpacks, please let me know in the comments below and I will try to look into them in more detail and add them to the list.


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